Certain items have been produced for our exploits that do not easily fit into a single category.  You shall find a repository of those items here.

Two lovely young ladies, Cutequirk and Justmysketches, took it upon themselves to give voice to some of our work.

Let's All Live in Your Imaginary Life:

Thor's Letter to His Brother

My Heart Aches

Thor & Loki At Shield

Several side-stories and other written contributions that don't quite fit into the logs page.

A Sonnet for Jane, by Neljae

The Shapeshifter, by Neljae

A brother's mercy, by Neljae

You Are Never All Alone, a story of Thor's and my youth.

Safe in My Arms, a story for my mother.

Frigga's typing monkey is talented with document preparation.  She designed a gorgeous .pdf file of one of our confrontations.

Frigga also prepared a hugely embarrassing scrapbook.

More shall be added as it comes to my notice. If you have contributions to this site, would like to point out what I missed, or simply desire to offer much-deserved praise to me and my fellows, you can email me here: